Vegetable prices ease in Sylhet

Published : 09 Dec 2022 08:28 PM

The supply of winter vegetables in the wholesale and retail markets of Sylhet has reduced the prices. The buyers are getting some relief. Except for a few vegetables, the prices of all vegetables are within the reach of consumers. In the coming days, the supply of vegetables will increase and the price will also decrease, said the seller.

The prices of some vegetables have dropped by almost half since last week. As the price is slightly lower, the buyers are also buying happily. A visit to different markets in the city on Friday saw that a medium size cauliflower was being sold for Tk 20-25 as a new vegetable. Which was sold last week for 40-50 taka. Cabbage is being sold at almost the same price. 

The price of eggplant has come down to half. Eggplants are being sold at Tk. 25-30 per kg. Besides, beans are being sold at Tk 40-50, radish at Tk 15-20, papaya at Tk 25-30, bitter gourd at Tk 45-50, and Snake gourd at Tk 50-55 per kg.

The price of new potatoes has fallen by almost half in a week. Potatoes, which were sold at Tk 80-90 per kg last week, were sold at Tk 45-50 on Friday. Old potatoes are sold at Tk 20-25. Okra is selling at 40-45 taka, sword bean is selling at 40 takas. A medium-sized gourd is being sold at 30 takas. However, the price of each vegetable is reduced by Tk 5-10 in the pavement shops compared to the shops in the market.

On the other hand, the price of chili which was sold at 300 takas per kg three months ago is now only 30 takas. Chilli is being sold at 20 takas per kg on the sidewalks of the city at night. 

Where a few months ago people could not buy 100 grams of chilies, and now the shopkeepers are forcing them to give away 1kg of chilies. 

The prices of broiler chickens and eggs have decreased during the week. Broiler chicken is being sold at Tk 150-155 per kg. Eggs are being sold at Tk 120-135 per dozen.

Buyers say that winter vegetables have started arriving in the bazaar, so prices are a little lower than last week. Feeling a little relief as the price is a little lower.The sellers say that the supply of winter vegetables has reduced the prices in the wholesale and retail markets. Almost all vegetables are available in the market. 

Except for a few vegetables, most of the vegetables are available to consumers. The sellers believe that the supply of vegetables will increase and the price will also decrease in the coming days.