Veg farmers set unique example

Unsold vegetables distributed among poor people in Pabna

Published : 03 Apr 2020 10:41 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 07:05 PM

When the farmers of Ishwardi Upazila are yet to supply their crops in the capital and other districts due to the halt of transport movements in the recent Corona situation destroying crops in the farmers home then the vegetable farmers of Ishwardi Upazila in Pabna have  set an example donating their crops among the poor people free of cost, thanks to Krishak Unnayan Society, a farmers organization of the district. 

Over fifty farmers donated vegetable bags among 600 ultra poor people in the district headquarters on Thursday through the district administration. Pabna Deputy Commissioner however distributed the vegetables among the ultra-poor people who are buying TCB materials. 

‘Farmers come to me saying they have huge unsold vegetables which are getting waste so they decided to distribute the vegetable among the people so that the poor people get help in the recent crises. This is no doubt appreciating initiative of the farmers.’ Kabir Mahamud, the deputy commissioner said. 

Farmers carried the vegetable with the vehicles of the district administration in Pabna, we have set two trucks loaded vegetables beside the trucks loaded with TCB materials. 

“Among the poor income people who are buying sugar, oil, dal from the TCB center they are given each bag full of vegetable free of coast as the gift of the farmer.” The DC said.  Getting vegetable free of coast, poor income people however appreciative the initiative of the farmers saying this is no doubt an example sets for others. 

“Although we are getting oil, sugar and other necessary commodities from TCB in low price but we are bound to buy the vegetable from the local market by high price as the vegetable vendors charged high price saying the soaring  transport fare for carrying vegetable. Sometime we don’t; buy vegetable due to the high price. Buying TCB products we are getting free vegetable help us because we are poor income people.”Nurunnabi Khan, of village in Gobinda area said. 

Talked with the Bangladesh post, vegetable producers however claimed the sale of vegetable reduced due to the halt of transport movement across the country wasting huge vegetable everyday. When the people are in dire crises over the fear of corona then we don’t want to destroy our production, prefers to distribute among the people.

‘We use to produce vegetable for the people. Due to the halt of vehicles movement and poor flow of people in the market, the demand of vegetable has reduced. But we don’t waste our production. Better to donate huge unsold vegetable among the poor income people. Now we fell ourselves proud to be the partner of helping the government beside helping the poor.’ Abul Hashem, president of KrishakUnnayan Society said. 

We have distributed 600 bags full of vegetables comprising each bag with eggplant, cauliflower, carrot, onion, cucumber today he said.  ‘We willsupply vegetable in the TCB markets every week so that the people in the crises get vegetable free of cost that helps their food menu.’ Abul said. 

‘Due to the high price many poor income people do not get vegetable according to their need. As the farmers we are producing the crops for the people. Through this initiative we are getting the opportunity to assist the poor people in the crises.’ Leading farmer Siddikur Rahman Moyez said. 

Seeing us rest of the farmers may join with the donation everything for the betterment in the society he added.  Ishwardi is one of the biggest vegetable producing countries across the country. Country’s 20 percent vegetable demand meet from Ishwardiupazila’s five unions. At least 40 to 50 trucks loaded vegetables use to supply different districts everyday due to the Corona crises 15 to 20 trucks vegetables are being supplied while many unsold vegetables are wasting according to the farmers.