Varun once said he loves overacting

Published : 28 Nov 2022 07:33 PM

Hindustan Times

Varun Dhawan had once said in a reply to trolls that he loves to do overacting and if they want to hate him, they need to watch his films first.

Varun Dhawan recently saw the release of his horror-comedy, Bhediya. The film had a lukewarm opening but is now seeing some growth amid positive word of mouth. It received positive reviews and Varun's performance has also been appreciated for playing a man who turns into a werewolf after being bitten by a mythical wolf. Until few years before, Varun was accused of overacting by trolls despite delivering quite a few hits. He had once given a sassy reply to them during a chat with Arbaaz Khan.

Varun had appeared on Arbaaz Khan's chat show Pinch in 2019. When Arbaaz told him about how trolls often accuse him of overacting, Varun had replied in his message to them, "Abhi acting aati hai to over kar sakta hu na, nahi aati to nahi kar pata. Over-under wo to film pe depend hai, but mujhe thoda over karne mein maza aata hai, main maza karta hu (I know acting so I can do overacting, I would be able to do overacting if I didn't know acting. Over or under depends on a film. But I like to do overacting and so I do)."

He further said, “Mujhe hate karne ke liye aapko meri filmein dekhni padengi, to wo mat bhoolna. Jaake mera ticket khareedna, jaake dekhna aur fir hate karna hai to karlo (In order to hate me, you will have to watch my films first. So do not forget to watch my films. Go buy my tickets, watch my films and then you want to hate me, you can).”

However, not many looked convinced with his statement as the video clip from the interview was shared on Reddit recently. A person commented, “Quite a stupid move by Varun to make this comment. He should stay humble specially towards the moviegoers” Another said, “Anyone who states the obvious fact that he overacts is not a hater.” One more comment read, “Saying he overacts is the opinion of the audience, not hate and the unneeded response he gave here is extremely lame.” But some did mention that he was indeed “good” in Bhediya.

Varun's performance was praised in the Hindustan Times review of Bhediya. It read: “Varun Dhawan is in top form and owns each frame. He has literally pushed the envelope, tried a new genre, and looked so convincing in it. His transformation scenes from a man to a wolf are stunning and scary at the same time with his ripped muscles and sculpted body giving you the chills. He excels in both comic as well as serious scenes.”