Varsities to focus on research

Standardised system in universities imperative

It has been discussed, written and re-written about the importance of research for not only the development of a nation but also the development of individual universities. 

Now, it seems that the issue has finally reached the authorities concerned and special focus is being given on research at universities. Though a bit late, we believe there is ample time for the intellectual minds of the country to carry on research on various critical aspects that will take the country ahead.

According to a report published in this daily, the universities are trying to focus on conducting research in key areas in order to ensure quality education and uphold national interest as well. 

Cooperation with foreign universities will not 

only help the teachers but also in long-term, 

students will be benefitted

UGC as well as public universities will provide more funds in conducting research, fellowship and scholarship for the university teachers and students. This augurs well in the sense that strong headway is being made in research funding, as it is the major obstacle standing in the way of deserving researchers from conducting valuable research.

On that note, special meeting with delegation from US that took place recently might prove to be beneficial on the funding side. UGC members talked about funding and special training for the tertiary level at the meeting. If such a deal can be cut with US for better educated university graduates and also better research quality then it would be an additional plus point for Bangladesh’s education and future.

We believe that such a scene can be fortuitous not only for the country but for the economy as well. Cooperation with foreign universities will not only help the teachers but also in the long-term, students will be benefitted.