Use of liquid fertiliser can save money, boost production

Published : 28 Nov 2021 09:19 PM

Farmers, agriculturists and researchers at a function held at Rajshahi University recently have emphasised on using balanced Liquid fertiliser to reap the highest crop production at a low cost.

They further mentioned, locally produced balanced liquid fertiliser contains 16 nourishing ingredients of plant growth and is non-hazardous for nature and environment. 

In this connection, they said, locally manufactured ‘Calsol’ liquid fertiliser was being used by the farmers and researchers in the fields and they were getting a highly encourageous result in crop production at a very low cost.

Professor Dr Aminul Islam, Chairman of the department of Agronomy and Agricultural Extension of Rajshahi University in connection of use of liquid fertiliser said, due to a high price of chemical fertiliser, the production cost of crops was also increasing. 

Developed countries of the world have started research decades ago to decrease the use of granular fertiliser and to opt for liquid one and use of LF has already got wide popular there because of the high price and environmental impact of granular-chemical fertiliser. 

With a wider use of LF, farmers of our country can also get a maximum production of crops without any negative impact on soil and environment.

Sohel Akhter, inventor of Liquid Fertiliser ‘Calsol’ informed, a plant requires 16 essential nutrients 13 of which are derived from soil. Normally we use Urea, TSP/DAP, MoP/SoP, Gypsum, Zink( Zink Sulphate-Mono/Hepta Zinc), Boron (Boric Acid/Borax/Solubor Boron) etc. 

The growth of a plant can be thwarted for four main causes, e.g. lack of/ excess of nutrition, pest infestation, attack by diseases and weather/natural condition.

Agro-scientist Sohel Akhter further informed, he conducted research for eight years in the laboratory and five years at the field level and by using his own formula invented liquid fertiliser Calsol under the banner of Compact Agro Limited. 

He also said, Calsol is being used by thousands of farmers of the country in paddy, jute, betel, wheat, potato, mustard, maize, tea, fruits, flower and vegetables plants for the last five years and are being benefited greatly. Farmers who are using Calsol informed, the locally produced liquid fertiliser is less in price, at the same time, the crop production is being increased to 20 to 30 percent than those of using chemical granular fertiliser and the dependency farmers on imported granular chemical fertiliser is being decreased, ultimately saving the forex.