US unleashes trade war against China

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said that the United States had unleashed an aggressive trade war against China.

“This is a real trade war, this is not rivalry, this is not competition, even unfair competition,” the diplomat said at the Dialogue of Young

Diplomats from Asia-Pacific Region forum held as part of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). “This is a war, in which one should stop at nothing, from the West’s standpoint. From the standpoint of our policy, this is inadmissible.

Why are they [the Americans] surprised when they are waging aggressive war against China? Are they surprised because China rechanneled these released funds and the potential for developing relations with the US and will use them in other directions?”

On September 1, the United States imposed additional 15% tariffs on Chinese goods worth $112 bln. The second part of the fees will come into force on December 15. In response, on Sunday, China imposed the first part of additional 10% duties on US products worth $75 bln. Additional 5% fees on US imports will be imposed on December 15. On the same day, China will also impose additional duties on US-made cars and spare parts (25% and 5% respectively).

China and the United States have been in talks on resolving trade disputes for several months. The latest round was held in Shanghai on July 30-31.