US Ambassador visits JAAGO Foundation

The US Ambassador Earl R Miller visited Banani School Branch of JAAGO Foundation and spent some great time with the students there. 

The founder of JAAGO Foundation, Korvi Rakshand invited the team of US Embassy to visit and spend a day with the children, volunteers and staffs of Banani School Branch. The US Ambassador Earl R Miller visited the school along with Merrie Blocker, public diplomacy officer; Erné Guzman, ambassador’s office manager and Faroha Suhrawardy, senior programme advisor, public affairs section of the US Embassy, Dhaka.

The Ambassador, Miller spent a good interactive session with the children of Karail slum. He listened to the children with zeal and asked about their feelings and future plan. Also  Miller donated several books to the Banani School’s library. He visited the library, classrooms and discussed the science projects with the teachers of Banani School of JAAGO Foundation.

During the visit, he also had a live chat over video call with JAAGO Gaibandha School Meeting Miller and exchanging words with him was a great opportunity for the volunteers of JAAGO Foundation. He was eager to know about achievement on voluntary activities that the Youth Wing of JAAGO, volunteer for Bangladesh has been doing.

JAAGO Foundation is a civil society organization (CSO) with a mission to break the cycle of poverty through empowering communities and ensuring equal opportunities, social justice, and improved quality of life. At present, JAAGO Foundation is operating 12 online schools all over the country to provide free of cost quality education to 13000 children under various programmes, to eliminate poverty and development of youth since 2007.