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US ambassador hosts reception for DCAB members

Published : 14 Dec 2022 10:19 PM

U.S. Ambassador Peter Haas hosted a reception at his residence for the members of the Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh (DCAB) on the evening of Wednesday.  

He explained that he wanted to show his gratitude for the work that the diplomatic correspondents perform in Bangladesh. 

  “Yours is a noble profession, and increasingly, around the world, it is a difficult and dangerous one,” the Ambassador Haas told the members.  “Journalists play a critical role every day in strengthening democratic institutions by informing their fellow citizens of the events happening in their countries.  This role is more important now than ever.” 

  DCAB is a professional forum of 39 correspondents from various local media outlets who report on foreign policy, international security, trade, and development issues.     Foreign diplomats from other missions attended the event.