Urban poverty to reduce in Noakhali by 2030

An appraisal meeting for the journalists on a project on the development of living standard of marginal, neglected population was held at the conference room of Noakhali Municipality on Tuesday noon. The meeting was jointly organised by Noakhali Municipality and the Ministry of LGRD and Cooperatives under financial support from the DFID and UNDP. 

The speakers at the meeting disclosed, accommodation or housing facilities for urban poor, strengthening of community based organisations, increase of efficiency of women and their employment, development of climate resilient infrastructures, preparing, strengthening of policy and planning of a poor-friendly urban management will be ensured for all poor people of Noakhali by 2023. The urban poverty will decrease in Noakhali in that time. 

Presided over by Mayor of Noakhali Municipality Shahid Ullah Khan Sohel, the meeting was attended and addressed, among others, by Abdul Mannan, Joint Secretary of LGRD Ministry and the Project Director as the chief guest, Farid Ahmed, Community Co-ordinator of UNDP, Iqbal Hossain, City Liaison coordinator and Sujit Barua, Executive Engineer of Noakhali Municipality. 

The chief guest in his speech mentioned, the government was working relentlessly for the removal of urban poverty and DFID and the UNDP were always assisting to implement the projects of the government in urban poverty alleviation.  The project will assist the poor to increase their ability, as a result, the poor people themselves will be able to take decision to engage in activities relating to poverty alleviation.  

Mayor of Noakhali in his speech said, the disparity in income was increasing at the urban areas, at the same time, the influx of people at the urban areas was also increasing. Many landless, poor people were rushing toward the town to save themselves from the grip of adverse impact of climate change. As  a result, the negative impact of the influx of those people are being felt by the urban people. However, he expressed his determination to pay civic services to all people, temporary or permanent, living in Noakhali. He hoped the implementation of the project will play a positive role in poverty alleviation of the people of Noakhali Municipality.