Upstream water damaging crops in Kishoreganj

Published : 20 Apr 2022 09:04 PM

The water coming down the upper slope is increasing. It seems to have no end and this is what is causing farmers to have sleepless nights. They work day and night to produce this rice. Farmers are spending their days in fear that the dream of a good harvest will be shattered. The trend of water to increase is such that it keeps increasing and the crop will be submerged under water. 

The 73 crop protection dams of the haor are about 96 km long. 53 crop protection dams in Itna, Mithamin, Nikli and Austagram upazilas are at risk due to Kalbaishakhi storm and continuous rain since Tuesday night. As the soil of the crop protection dam becomes soft, there is a possibility of flooding at any time.

According to the Water Development Board, the water of Dhanu River is in danger. Haor crops can be submerged at any time beyond the danger line. The waters of the Meghna River have now begun to recede.

In Karimganj, due to rising waters of Dhanu and Nagchini rivers, some low lying areas of river estuaries and char areas have been submerged. Boro paddy has been severely damaged due to hailstorm at Rakhani Haor in Bangalpara Union of Austagram Upazila. Farmers are seeing a glimmer of hope as the risk of rising boro paddy due to rising Meghna River in Bhairab slowly receding. 

If the water does not increase within the next 4/5 days, the farmers will be able to cut their boro paddy. Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture is promoting through announcements in the area to cut the paddy quickly when 80% of the paddy is ripe. According to sources, boro paddy has been cultivated in 1 lakh 64 thousand 485 hectares of land in 13 upazilas of the district. Of this, 25,630 hectares of boro paddy has been planted in Itna upazila. The Department of Agriculture says about 749 hectares of paddy land has been submerged in the upstream slope. 

According to the Department of Agriculture, 42 percent semi-ripe paddy has already been harvested. Farmers will be able to take their golden crop home if the crop protection dam is not damaged.

District Agriculture Extension Department Deputy Director Md. Saiful Alam said, 42 per cent paddy has been harvested in the haor. No damage has been done to the crop protection dam so far. If the crop protection dam is not damaged, it can be worry free.