Uproot corruption for sake of country: ACC chairman

Published : 02 Apr 2024 08:40 PM | Updated : 02 Apr 2024 10:14 PM

The Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman Mohammad Moinuddin Abdullah on Tuesday urged all to work for uprooting corruption from all spheres of the society for the sake of the country.

“In the past, corrupt people bowing down their  heads, used to walk down the road at night by taking one corner of the road, so that people cannot see them. Now the corrupt people walk down the road taking the middle part of the road,” he said, urging all to work for uprooting the corruption from the society for the sake of the country.

The ACC chairman came up with the remarks while unveiling a cover of the souvenir styled Supathe published by Reporters Against Corruption at the ACC conference room.

Moinuddin Abdullah said that in most of the cases, despite committing corruption, corrupt people do not think them as corrupt.

“We all have to work together from our respective positions to identify the corrupt people of the society. And media can play a vital role in this regard,” he said.

The ACC chairman also urged all to keep one thing must be kept in mind whom to be accompanied while working against corruption.

“Questions raise in public mind if any sort of anti-corruption work is carried out with the cooperation of corrupt people,” said the chairman.

Thanking the members of the RAK for its publication, the ACC chairman urged the journalist to look into whether any kind of corruption takes place in their respective houses.

ACC Commissioner (Investigation) Asia Khatun and ACC secretary Khorsheda Yasmin were also present at the ceremony with RAK president Jemson Mahbub in the chair.

RAK general secretary Shafi Uddin Ahmed conducted the programme.