Upgrading of employees, pay starts

The move will help free admin from corruption

We welcome the government’s move to bring changes in designations and pay-scales of its employees.

It is indeed a necessary step towards providing further financial security to the government employees.

And the changes to existing regulations will upgrade the government employees’ designations and pay-scales as well.

Bangladesh Post on Thursday ran a story headlined “Upgrading of employees, pay starts” the public administration ministry has already sent a file to the Prime Minister's Office about the creation of new posts in the administration, promotion, and a proposal as well to raise the pay.

The PMO has also approved the proposal.

And the finance department has started working to create new posts and change the pay scale in the field administration

The changes to existing regulations will 

upgrade the government employees’ 

designations and pay-scales as well

Apart from the people of the country, it is good to see that the government continued to try to fulfill its promises one after another in order to take care of its employees.

The designations of the employees of 13th to 15th grades of the administration are being changed primarily.

Besides, all the employees of the 11th grade will be upgraded to the 10th grade and they will be provided with all the facilities of the 10th grade.

As the salaries and benefits of government employees will be increased, there would be no excuse to indulge in corruption and irregularities as well.

They must do their duty only to serve the country’s people.

To that end, it is absolutely vital that the country’s progress is not marred by a corrupt public administration, and therefore a zero tolerance policy towards corruption needs to be in place.

We hope the government's move to upgrade its employees will make the administration free from corruption by bringing massive reforms and ensuring utmost services for people.