Upendra Lake attracts tourists for scenic beauty

Published : 26 Sep 2022 08:43 PM

Upendra Lake is a historical and beautiful place sightseeing place of Tangail district. The lake is located next to Kathuri Shiva Temple at Nagarpur Upazila, surrounded by the Dhaleswari River, 25 km south of the district town. Nevertheless, due to lack of proper renovation and maintenance, the lake has lost its heritage value.

The remarkable architecture of Atiya Pargana, Upendra Lake is known as 'Bar Ghatla Dighi' to the locals. About 88 years ago in the year of 1341 or 1368 after receiving requests from people of the area, the then Zamindar Rai Bahadur Satish Chowdhury of Nagarpur dug this lake of 11 acres of land in the name of his father Upendra Mohan Rai Chowdhury.

There are 12 spacious jetty around Upendra Lake. There are 6 deep wells at the bottom of the lake. These wells were dug to ensure clean water. Surrounded by palm trees and other green plants, there are sweet chirping of various birds most of the day. The clear water of the lake enchants even the hardened minds.

It is known that once night, Zamindar Rai Bahadur Chowdhury was watching night moon with his companions from his living room. Suddenly he noticed that in the middle of the night, some people of his locality were taking water from the distant waterbody. Later he came to know through his own source that the people of his area collect water at night searching for fresh water. He was very disappointed and shocked by this information, took the initiative to dig this lake, and implemented it with the help of foreign experts.

He dug 12 jetties and 6 wells to ensure drinking water for his people. Interested people also started fish farming in the lake. Lovely palm trees and different plants around the lake enhanced its beauty to great extent.

Upendra Lake is one of the famous places at Nagarpur Upazila. There are recreational facilities for adventurers and anglers. The main entrance to the lake is located on the western side. Walking around the lake fills the mind with the beauty of nature. On the western side of the lake, a huge banyan tree stands on the head next to the main jetty. The vast shade of this tree and the cool breeze warms the hearts of travelers and locals in summer. Rows of trees stand on the north bank of the lake. Standing under these trees makes a different feeling in mind of people visited. Visitors from different places flock to Upendra Lake every occasion to enjoy the enchanting natural beauty. Apart from the remote areas of Bangladesh, tourists used to come here from different countries of the world.

It was famous across the country as a picnic spot. Interested fish hunters from different districts of the country used to come to catch fish. Almost every day in the afternoon, young people gathered at the Sorobor surroundings. By time, the traditional Upendra Lake has lost its beauty and charm. The memory of the landlords is being erased. On the north-south bank of the lake, the embankment has become narrow due to the occasional erosion. 2-3 jetties are breaking and falling into the lake. Most of the jetties have become unusable. The local people have sought the government's foresight to protect the lake.