Untimely floods make Pabna Char areas unfit for farming

Published : 17 Feb 2023 08:04 PM

During the last monsoon season, due to the water from the hills coming down from the upstream and the erosion of the Yamuna river in different areas of the upstream, sandy soil has come along with the flow of water and the arable land in the low lying areas of different char areas of Pabna Bera upazila has become unfit for cultivation. As a result, the farmers of the upazila's grazing area are expressing fear that many arable lands will remain uncultivated during the peanut season.

It is known that during the last monsoon season, the low-lying lands of Char Sandashia, Hatail-Araliya, Char Nagdah, Charnakalia, Charpechakola, Char Paikhand, Char Safulla of the upazila were inundated with flood water, causing damage to various crops. Even though the water has receded from most of the present land, there is a layer of sand lying on the land.

Abdul Chattar Bepari, a farmer of Charsandashia village, said that his 4 bigha of arable land has become unsuitable for cultivation due to the fall of sand layer. Ghaznavi, a farmer of Charsafulla village, said sand has fallen on his 15 bigha land. Achan Molla 4 bigha, Habibar Molla 5 bigha, Gafur Molla 6 bigha, Shahadat Molla 7 bigha, Ayyub Molla 4 bigha, Yakub Molla 6 bigha, Charnagdah village farmer Abdul Malek Molla 8 bigha, Baten Molla 10 bigha, Kader Molla 20 bigha, Afan Molla's 50-60 bigha arable land has been destroyed by sand. Apart from the mentioned farmers, the local people of these areas said that due to the erosion of the Yamuna river, sandy soil came with the water and the sand layer fell on the arable land of about 2000 bighas of low lying areas and the lands became unfit for cultivation.

Farmers said that the cash crops of the pastures cannot be sown in these lands with sand layers. Sowing Chinese almonds in sand layered land will not. Due to which 2000 bigha of arable land in these areas will remain uncultivated this year. Many farmers lamented that the farmers of these areas have suffered huge losses due to the recent floods and river erosion, and the sand layer on the land, this additional danger will be a cause of loss for them.