Unplanned expansion of Dhaka increasing traffic jam

Decentralisation of the capital needed to reduce traffic congestion

Published : 13 Dec 2021 09:10 PM | Updated : 20 Dec 2021 02:54 PM

Commuters never-ending suffering from traffic gridlock continues to rise to an alarming state. With each passing day, the traffic congestion problem seems to take its toll because of the lack of vision from the officials concerned. Same old reasons of gridlock are getting intense which is leading to unbearable anguish of the commuters.    

Experts opine that, the unplanned burgeoning of the capital, an increase in the number of vehicles, population growth, lack of coordination among implementing agencies and many other reasons have compounded the situation and led to severe traffic congestion.

Commuters should take the fair share of the blame for 

gridlock as many of us break traffic law irresponsibly

According to a World Bank report of 2017, traffic congestion in Dhaka eats up about 3.2 million work hours every day and the average speed of vehicles during rush hours drop to about 7 kmph.

Steps which the government can take to improve the current state is refining the management of traffic and create more public awareness. More designated spots for car parking are needed along with more foot over bridges, and some other basic steps which can make a lot of alteration.

With ordinary bus at the bottom, bus routes could be disciplined through franchise system. Dedicated lanes for buses would provide a jam immune corridor and thus one bus could provide many trips every day. 

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If users of small cars start riding the buses through modal shift, as these buses would run on a dedicated corridor and therefore make it possible for passengers to reach their destination faster, traffic jams could be reduced to a large extent.

Also, commuters should also take the fair share of the blame for gridlock as many of us break traffic law irresponsibly.

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