Unpaved roads in Taraganj in sorry state, people suffer

Published : 06 Oct 2022 10:06 PM

Local residents described the suffering as the only unpaved road in Taraganj upazila disappeared under the river. Because of that road, more than 25 thousand people of Dangarpara, Bherapara, Baradangapara, Shailbari, Doalipara, Nithupara, Madhurampur, Purbapara, Bhimpur, Baniapara, Barogharipara, Dhanipara, Chiklipara, Kujipukur, Shermast villages are in distress.

About three and a half kilometers unpaved road from Tentultala of Alampur Union of Taraganj Upazila of Rangpur to Chikli Bazar is the connecting road of Taraganj-Syedpur Sadar with 15 villages of that union. During the last monsoon, three-fourths of the 200-meter section of the road was washed away by the Chikli River. The common people of the villages have suffered. Farmers are not able to market their produce easily.

Locals said, but last June, due to the erosion of the Chikli River, three-fourths of the 200-meter road near Madhurampur village was washed away by the river. The people of the villages are in trouble. Earlier, trucks, trolleys and microbuses used to run on that road. Now the ambulance cannot run on the road even if necessary. Especially at present there is no way to take rice, jute and vegetables produced in the villages to market in vans.

Haider Ali, farmer of Shailbari area, Ekramul Haque of Doalipara area and residents of other villages said that because of the road, the villages have been isolated. Kamrunnahar, head teacher of Madhurampur Government Primary School, said that accidents often happen on that broken part of the road. Because of the road, parents do not send their students to school for fear of falling on broken parts if it rains a little.

It can be seen on the ground that the road has disappeared under the river, but the rickshaw-van, truck-trolley, microbus movement is stopped even though people are walking. Motorcyclists have to face this road. Abdus Sobhan, a farmer of Bhimpur village, said, "The vote was actually the leaders announcing to pave the road. But it's far from ripe, now people can't even be found to fill it with soil. He also said that because of the bad condition of this road, the boys and girls of the villages are also having trouble getting married.

When contacted in this regard, Alampur Union Parishad Chairman Rabiul Islam said, "Union Parishad does not have the money to fix the road." Therefore, the matter has been informed to the local parliament member and the chairman of the upazila parishad. Upazila Develop­ment and Coordination Committee has also discussed this. 

The MP has assured that the road will be fixed soon.