University campuses in precarious situation

Vested quarters incite unrest

Ideally university campuses should foster an environment of knowledge and curiosity and not of violent politics. They are a place to groom the brightest minds in the country and modeling the perfect citizens to serve the nation. However, the current scenario in the country is the opposite, particularly in the public universities.

The very quality of education and the flow of learning are being disrupted by ongoing movements taking place on campuses. A certain section of teachers and students are always active to make the campus situation volatile over minor issues. These people work solely to further their own political agenda and are deliberately ruining the environment of the campuses.

Due to the ongoing conflict between the Pro-VC and anti-VC supporters, authorities of Jahangirnagar University declared the campus closed for an indefinite period. A segment of students with vested political interests are regularly inciting unrest on campus and destroying the atmosphere of the campus.

The government must ensure that

the university campuses do not 

become breeding grounds for unrest

The situation has made many admission seekers and their guardians worried for the future of these institutions. The educational institutions are no longer being able to provide a stable environment in which to conduct classes and examinations. Certain anti-government organizations and terrorist outfits are active in creating chaos on campus and tarnishing the image of the universities.

There have also been allegations of corruption against the authorities of the universities including the VCs. This type of situation cannot be allowed to go on much longer.

The government must appoint a supervisory body to strictly monitor the situation on campuses and prevent any person or organization from creating chaos. The supervisory body must also monitor the activities of the university administration to prevent misconduct by those in power.

The government must ensure that the university campuses do not become breeding grounds for unrest. Proper learning environment must be ensured as well as the smooth running of classes and examinations all year round. After all, universities help mould the future leaders of the nation.