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Universities struggle to find funding for research: UGC

Published : 09 Feb 2024 09:08 PM | Updated : 09 Feb 2024 09:08 PM

Many universities lack the funding necessary for research. According to a University Grants Commission (UGC) report, roughly 15% of universities received no funding for research in 2022.

This problem affects both old and new universities. Even though research is important for learning new things, many universities struggle to find the money for it.

Some universities, like Sylhet International University and Asha University, have been around for a while but still do not have enough money for research. This makes it hard for them to improve.

However, other universities, like Dhaka University and Bangladesh Agricultural University, are doing better because they have more money for research. For example, Dhaka University got Tk 15 crore for research, which helped them publish many papers.

The UGC says that having good research helps universities become more well-known and improves education quality. 

Therefore, it is important for all universities to get enough money for research, whether they are public or private.