Unique cycle procession of BCL marking Victory Day

Published : 21 Dec 2022 08:08 PM

On the occasion of the 51st anniversary of victory in Kishoreganj, four hundred Chhatra League leaders took out an exceptional cycle procession under the leadership of Azizul Hakeem Rafi, former deputy editor of information and research of the district Chhatra League. On Tuesday at 11 am, the procession started from the Rathkhala area of the city, circled the 6 km road of the city and ended again at the Rathkhala area of the city. On Tuesday morning, Chhatra League leaders and activists gathered in Rathkhala Maidan in the city, carrying placards and festoons with pictures of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. When the cycle procession goes around the various roads of the city, ordinary people standing on both sides of the road wave their hands and encourage the cycle procession. Eminent persons applauded this arrangement to highlight Victory Day and Bangabandhu among the new generation.

After the procession, Azizul Hakeem Rafi, the former information and research deputy editor of the District Chhatra League, said that the history of the bicycle is associated with Bangabandhu's long political life and struggle. This cycle procession is organized on the occasion of the 51st anniversary of victory to present this history to the new generation. In this country, the real history has been distorted and presented, it is disgusting. So we want the people of this country to know the real history. Azizul Hakeem Rafi said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's order should save fuel. Increasing the use of bicycles will save fuel. On the 51st anniversary of victory, Chhatra League workers pledge to save fuel.

He also said that such arrangements will be continued to highlight the significance of victory among the new generation.