Uniform admission system

Step towards developed education

Although Bangladesh has been striving towards achieving SDG goals and becoming a digital Bangladesh there are still some places where more progress can be achieved and decentralization can take place. The invoking of uniform admission system is such a concept which can be adapted into the existing system of university entrance examination. Although such a proposal has been placed before the government there is still no ray of hope as to the implementation of such a system practically.

Reports say that a uniform admission system would be more beneficial for the students and the parents. At present the scene dictates that any student can purchase as many forms as he/she likes and sit for any number of public university entrance exams. But this becomes a hassle for some as it presents a number of challenges for both students and parents. Students have to travel to distant places in the country where these universities are situated and sit for exam there. This is not a feasible option for many. Moreover, reports say that female students are the most to suffer due to this customized way of admission exams.

In most cases it is the authorities of these public universities who are giving the veto in this decision but have failed to mention any concrete reason as to their disapproval. Some have said that it would be impossible to stop question leakage if uniform admission was to take place. Then again if a uniform medical college admission system has been perfected and has been in use for so long so can be the possibilities with the admission exam of public universities.

The topic of uniform medical college entrance examination has been brought up by government personnel as a means of countering the discontent that has been voiced by some authorities. But, the good thing is that among the university authorities there are some who have voiced their opinion in the positive direction and have agreed with the proposal thinking of the benefits that the students can get from such a system.