Unfinished road dev work escalates woes of people

Published : 08 May 2021 09:04 PM

Sufferings of several thousand people of Tikarampur, Dalia, Shuktia areas under Khalishkhali union of Tala upazila of Satkhira knew no bounds due to leaving the construction works of nearly two-kilometre of roads unfinished for more than eight-month.

It is learnt, the construction farm Messers MM Builders received the work order of Taka 12.3 million road development project one year ago. But the construction farm gave sub-contract of the work to two persons known as Khokon of Khaliskhali and Bulu of Tala who started to reconstruct the road some nine -month ago. 

Local people complained due to sudden rainfall two days ago, the under construction road became submerged in water and mud making the road inaccessible for movement of the people. Now, deposited mud and water logging on the road have increased the sufferings of the people moving through the road. 

Farmers of the adjacent villages complained, they failed to bring home their harvested crops as the road remained completely unfit for movement of any vehicle.

Mozaffar Rahman of Khaliskhali Union Parishad informed, he has contacted several times with the concerned Assistant Engineer and the district level officials to remove sufferings of the people but even after repeated assurance from the concerned officials and the contractor, no work for the construction of the road has so far been started.  

He further mentioned the image of the government is being tarnished due to non completion of the construction of the road. He also demanded to take action against the construction farm for its negligence to start the work and condemned the negligence of duty of the officials of the Department of Local Government and Engineering. 

Concerned constractor Abdl Majed in this connection informed, his farm MS Bulilders received the work order for the reconstruction and repairing of the road but in violation of the government rules, the work was offered to be performed by local contractors Bulu and Khokon who did not start the development work of the road. 

However, he said now no step to develop the work has been taken by the said contractors, his farm MM Builders will restart the development work of the road. 

Rathindranath Halder, Assistant Engineer of LGED of Tala upazila informed, local UP Chairman Mofazzafar Rahman has informed him several times about taking steps for the reconstruction of the road. He said, he has also requested the concerned contactor to finish the road development work as soon as possible, otherwise, he said necessary action will be taken against the concerned contractor.