UNDP offers scope for small entrepreneurs at trade fair

Published : 24 Jan 2022 08:17 PM

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has allocated a stall for small entrepreneurs at the 26th Dhaka International Trade Fair.

Stall no 11 of hall-B named Ananda Mela, where products of 60 entrepreneurs are being sold, have had an influx of buyers from the very beginning of the fair.

Talking to a few buyers, it could be known that this stall seems to be quite attractive to them as there are so many types of products in one stall at a time. Each product is of good quality. There is a good collection of indigenous fashion products made by entrepreneurs from different parts of the country in this stall.

The main attractions of the stall are hand-made jewelry, jamdani tie, healthy bite, hand-painted products made on Himu's dream weaving muslin including Kushi cutting shawl.

Afsana Himu, proprietor of Himu's Dream Weaving, said, “We are grateful to UNDP for this. We are getting a huge experience that will be very useful for our initiative in the future”.

Proprietor of ‘Anushwar Fashion’ Murshida Nupur told that they are happy with having such an opportunity.

“We got this opportunity from Ananda Mela online group, this will help us familiarizing our own brand. We used to post our products in the group all the time”, Nupur said.