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Understand Bangladesh’s political history before comment

Dhaka to Washington

Published : 23 Dec 2022 09:43 PM | Updated : 24 Dec 2022 05:32 PM

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md. Shahriar Alam in a telephone call with the US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman on Thursday evening mentioned that "Ambassadors need to understand the political history of Bangladesh before making any public statement". 

During the conversation, the foreign ministry said they discussed the issues of mutual priorities in the bilateral relations.

They also discussed the issues of mutual commitment to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations -1961. 

The foreign ministry said this telephone call with the State Minister was scheduled for December 12, but rescheduled.

Now it happened at a time when the US embassy in Dhaka raised security concerns of their diplomats following an incident during Ambassador Peter Hass' visit to a BNP leader's residence in crowded Shahinbagh area in Dhaka on December 14. That visit was part of the meeting with the family members of the victims of enforced disappearances who have a platform called 'Mayer Dak'.

During that meeting another group named 'Mayer Kanna' -  a platform of family members of victims of enforced disappearances during the first military dictator of Bangladesh General Ziaur Rahman's regime - tried to submit a memorandum. 

 Awaiting for justice for over four decades, victims of those freedom fighters who later joined armed forces but executed under the rule Gen Zia, the founder of BNP, sought intervention of the US ambassador for bringing the culprits to book.

The foreign ministry said during the phone conversation the State Minister reaffirmed that "Bangladesh is fully committed to ensure security and safety of the diplomatic community in Bangladesh."

He said that the Ambassadors would continue to receive adequate security details, as always.  

 Deputy Secretary Sherman mentioned about her several visits to Bangladesh and congratulated the State Minister for Bangladesh’s victory at the recent UNHRC election and expressed satisfaction over supporting each other at the international forum. 

"Finally, State Minister wishes the Deputy Secretary Happy Christmas and New Year, and she has reciprocated the same."

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