Uncle, nephew’s success in capsicum farming

Published : 29 Feb 2020 08:34 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 02:15 PM

An uncle and nephew of bordering Moheshpur upazila in Jhendah have attained success in farming capsicum commercially. They are expecting an amount of approximate Taka 10 lakh from one acre of land in a season.  The officials of the department of agriculture extension (DAE) in Moheshpur has been seeing bright prospect of farming the crop and export the same to other countries.

Sultan Mahmud and his nephew  Alamgir Kabir of Kushumpur Mathpara area under Moheshpur upazila said dreaming of capsicum farming they transplanted some local varies if capsicum as an experiment which could not bring success. Later with the assistance of local DAE, they brought some seeds from Korea and made seed beds in early September. 

They transplanted 1,500 saplings on one acre of land in mid-October last year. About 60 per cent of saplings were dead while the remaining offering 12 to 15 pieces of capsicum with each. Five to six pieces of the vegetable covers a kilogram.

The duo said 15 to 25 degree Celsius temperature is required for capsicum farming, while prevailing temperature in the country could not hamper the production. They have been sending 500 to 700 kilograms of capsicum every day to Dhaka markets for Taka 150 to 160 each kilogram. They have been harvesting the same since late December and expecting yield for another four months.

Sultan Mahmud and Alamgir Kabir said they have sold the vegetable for about Taka four lakh and expecting another Taka six lakh in the season as the plants offering new flowers for bearing. 

Sub assistant agriculture officer (SAAO) of Swaruppur DAE block in Moheshpur Rabiul Kabir when contacted, said the DAE men have been standing by the farmers and providing necessary assistances including technology transfer to make the farming of the uncommon vegetable farming in remote villages. 

SAAO said Aphid Jasid type of pests are the main enemies to capsicum. As it is consumed as vegetable, they (DAE) have been advising the farmers to apply health-friendly yellow and blue traps to kill the pests in organic method ensure poison-free green vegetables to the consumers. Upazila agriculture officer (UAO) in Moheshpur Hasan Ali when contacted said the farmers were in dilemma when Sultan Mahmud and Alamgir Kabir started farming of capsicum on a vast tract of land on one acre. 

But they farmers are now confident enough to cultivate the same for their interest. Many of the surrounding farmers have been witnessing the plots everyday. The soil of Moheshpur was suitable for caaapsicum farming, UAO said. According to Hasan Ali, the capsicum produced at Mathpara village is comparatively improved in quality than our known ones and has a bright prospect in farming the uncommon vegetables in Jhenidah, Jashore, Meherpur and Chuadanga districts. 

The farmers might play role in exporting the capsicum to many countries and early foreign currencies where the same is widely consumed as vegetables, UAO said.