Unauthorised gadgets seized in SUST hall

Published : 25 Nov 2022 08:06 PM

Unauthorized rice cookers, heaters and irons used by female students have been seized by the hall authorities from the rented hall called 'Samad House' of Shahjalal Science and Technology University (SUST). This hall is a rented building under Begum Sirajunnesa Chowdhury female hall which is situated in Madina Market of Sylhet city. 

The provost of this hall Jobeda Kanak Khan confirmed this on Thursday at 11 pm.

Several engineers of the university & hall authority said, there was a fire incident in the electrical connection of Samad House last year and several damages were caused. The same thing happened last week and it happened again last evening. They checked everything around but couldn't find the exact problem. Later, engineers suspected that this phenomenon was caused by the use of high-powered electric machines. Following this, the provost searched the girls' rooms and seized three rice cookers, six electric water heaters (jugs) and five ironing machines.

Several students of Samad House said ‘the line was burnt once last week. Later ma'am fixed it. The same thing happened yesterday. After that, the provost came and seized these hidden items.

The female students complained that several students were using electrical appliances like rice cookers, water heaters etc. As a result of which accidents are happening at various times. Laptop chargers and phone chargers get damaged when the circuit goes down or the current takes too much load.

The provost of Begum Sirajunnesa Chowdhury hall Jobeda Kanak Khan said that the circuit is almost falling here. There were three accidents like the line burning. Every time 20-30 lamps are damaged. It has to be reapplied. Other electrical items also get damaged. Laptop chargers and phone chargers used by female students also get damaged. The use of unauthorized electrical equipment to overcome this condition is prohibited and those found in possession of such equipment are confiscated by the authorities. The provost also said that everyone needs to be aware of the fact that the students should refrain from these practices considering their own safety.