Umbrella Academy Season 4 might give Luther a deserved ending

Published : 26 Sep 2022 09:06 PM

Luther Hargreeves of the Umbrella Academy has had hardships and devastating rejections, but there may be a happy ending in store for him yet.

Umbrella Academy's Luther Hargreeves (Tom Hopper) has been put through a lot, but season 4 might actually give him a good ending. His de facto role as the leader of the group, largely due to the codename Number One, put him at odds with his siblings. Several unfortunate life experiences left him insecure and socially awkward. Coupled with his, at times, bumbling and childlike demeanor, he was a misunderstood character who deserved a happy ending, which season 4 might provide.

Luther's giant physique was a result of his father, Sir Reginald, injecting him with an experimental serum to save his life. The result was Luther becoming a hairy gorilla-man. Luther's physical appearance in the Umbrella Academy made him extremely self-conscious. Then Umbrella Academy's Sir Reginald Hargreeves sent Luther to the moon for four years in an effort to "give him focus." Ostensibly, he was there to watch for extraterrestrial threats, and accordingly, he sent back regular reports to his father. During his time on the moon, he experienced crippling depression and loneliness. Upon returning for his father's funeral, Luther realized that his father had never read his reports, and he took that to mean that Sir Reginald just wanted him out of the way. Much of the tragic nature of Luther's character stems from these events.

Due to his time on the moon and his grotesque appearance, he felt isolated. In the Umbrella Academy, Luther's absurd size and utter inability to read a room only served to drive him further into himself, but his relationship with his sister Allison provided him with moments of tenderness, though even she couldn't fully relate to him. He pined for her and subsequently felt rejected. This was one of many rejections by his siblings that he experienced. Tom Hopper, the actor who played Luther in the Umbrella Academy, did a beautiful job showing Luther's angst, often with just a facial expression, creating a subtlety that could easily be missed.

When Luther met Sloane of the Sparrow Academy's Hargreeves, Luther was finally with someone who liked him for himself, someone who noticed him and seemed to understand him. Their engagement in "Wedding at the End of the World" at Umbrella Academy's Hotel Obsidian was symbolic of two people uniting at the gateway to oblivion. After everything he had suffered, the idea that he would find happiness made his trials and tribulations just steppingstones to something greater. Luther's apparent death on the heels of wedding a woman he loved was gut-wrenching.

Umbrella Academy's Luther Hargreeves was a tragic, misunderstood character who was abused by his father and rejected by his siblings and the world at large. He was perceived as a boring, misguided, ineffectual leader, but this perception only scratches his surface. His story arc warranted a happy ending, and while Sloane was absent from the end of season 3, there's hope she comes back in season 4 to finally give Luther and Sloane a bit of happiness.