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UGC allows IIUST to start educational programmes

Published : 08 Feb 2024 09:13 PM

The University Grants Commission (UGC) gave the International Islamic University of Science and Technology Bangladesh permission to start its academic programs. On Thursday, February 8, the Commission's Private Universities Division formally verified this noteworthy achievement with a letter.

The International Islamic University of Science and Technology Bangladesh was closely examined after being given provisional permission under Section 06 of the Private Universities Act, 2010 in April 2023. After receiving an application from the university administration requesting authorization to start teaching, an expert committee appointed by the UGC visited the campus in January of this year.

Based on the recommendations put forth by the committee, the university has been given the green light to commence its educational programs at the approved campus located in Baipail, Dhaka. However, this approval comes with a set of 27 conditions that the university must adhere to, ensuring compliance with the Private Universities Act, 2010.

The university is set to offer six programs across four departments spanning various faculties, including Al Quran and Islamic Studies, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, and Business Administration.

Omar Farooq, the director of the Private University Department at the UGC, underscored the importance of compliance with the stipulated conditions outlined in the letter. Notably, among these conditions are directives to conduct university activities exclusively at the approved campus, refrain from admitting students to unauthorized programs or courses, and ensure that all programs operate on a two-semester basis without exceeding the sanctioned number of seats.

With this approval, the International Islamic University of Science and Technology Bangladesh joins the ranks of the country's private universities, becoming the 104th institution to offer educational programs. This development further enriches the landscape of higher education in Bangladesh, offering students additional avenues for academic pursuits and specialization.

The university is now poised to embark on its educational journey, providing students with opportunities for academic excellence while upholding the standards set forth by the regulatory authorities. As it moves forward, the International Islami University aims to make significant contributions to the academic and intellectual discourse within the country and beyond.