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"Udyan School hosts campaign addressing adolescent health

Published : 03 Dec 2023 08:47 PM

Bangladesh, experiencing rapid growth in its adolescent population, grapples with the challenges of this swift stage of human development. Recognizing the importance of aiding adolescents in understanding the physical and mental changes they undergo, Dnet, with technical support from Unicef, is conducting health camps in selected schools. The Directorate General of Family Planning, Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Education, and Unilever Bangladesh join hands in supporting this initiative, with Lifechord as a strategic partner.

The comprehensive program encompasses mental health sessions, an introduction to an adolescent health website, physical check-ups, vision screenings, and awareness sessions covering Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), nutrition, hygiene, and child marriage.

Dr. Sumaiya Tasneem Khan, Senior Assistant Director (Research and Meal) at Dnet, highlighted the campaign's steps, including BMI checks, mental health sessions, and introducing adolescents to government-supported health services. Concerned about the lack of health knowledge among urban adolescents, the campaign offers a dedicated application for them.

The campaign, featuring doctors and counselors, includes mental health checks and addresses alarming cases, such as a sixth-grade girl with suicidal tendencies. The importance of mental health is underscored, and the campaign identified and provided counseling to at-risk students.

The introduction of the "National Adolescent Health Website and Mobile Application" aims to provide digital access to health education materials, guidelines, and services. The day-long event includes basic physical examinations, eye check-ups, and awareness sessions on various health aspects.

Students, recognizing the significance of maintaining both physical and mental health during adolescence, actively participated in the campaign. Dr. Sumaiya Tasneem emphasized plans to involve parents in future initiatives, acknowledging their role as primary gatekeepers for children."