Two sentenced to death in separate murder cases in Jashore

A Jashore court has sentenced two people to death in two separate murder cases for dowry. Judge TM Musa of the Tribunal-1 (District Judge) Court on Thursday announced the separate verdicts. 

The convicts are Zahidul Islam 35, son of Kawser Molla of Agrail village of Jashore  Sadar Upazila and Momin Gazi 38 son of the dead Atosh Gaji of Beti Khola village of Keshabpur Upazila of Jashore district. Special PPM Idris Ali conducted the case on behalf of the government.

According to the case, the accused Zahidul Islam was married to Taslima Khatun, daughter of Abdus Samad of Kutarakandi village of Bagharpara Upazila. Since the marriage, his family, including Zahidul Islam, had tortured Taslima Khatun  for a dowry of Tk 20,000. Thinking of the happiness of the daughter her father paid the dowry money. After one month he again demanded TK. 50,000.  On August 25, Taslima was beaten to death. Then he kept her body hanging with a jackfruit tree beside the house at night. 

Later, the mother of the deceased, Jahanara Khatun, filed a murder case in the court against Zahidul. 

The murder case of Taslima Khatam at the court was started as a regular case at Kotwali police station. After investigating the case, SI Sohrab Hossain submitted a charge sheet which included five of them as the accused. 

After concluding the trial of the case, the judge in his verdict pronounced the death sentence and a fine of Tk 20,000 against her husband Zahidul Islam.  But the judge acquitted   the other four accused from the case as the charges were not proved against them.

On the other hand, Momin Gazi of Betikhola village of Keshabpur Upazila married Manowara Begum, daughter of Mubarak Sardar of same village. After marriage, Momin used to beat Manowara for the dowry money TK. 50,000.   Later, Momin stabbed Monowara to death on May 27. In this connection, her brother Akbar Ali filed a case against the deceased husband Momin and two others accused in the murder case for dowry. After the case was registered as a regular at Keshabpur police station, the investigating officer SI Sirajul Islam filed the charge sheet in the court.