Two fish cage owners injured in land dispute

Published : 07 Feb 2024 10:09 PM
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Four people including two fish shop owners were injured in firing and by torture due to land dispute in Patkelghata of Satkhira. The incident took place in Harinkhola village of Patkelghata police station on Monday.

The injured have been admitted to Satkhira Sadar Hospital. The injured are the enclosure owner Alang Mondal (61), son of Abhiram Mondal of Harinkhola village of Patkelghata police station, his brother Jagdish Mondal (45), Vishwanath Mondal (53), son of the enclosure employee Birendranath Mondal and Shripad Munda (30), son of Narad Munda of Asannagar village. Alang Mandal, the owner of the enclosure under treatment at Satkhira Sadar Hospital, said that they have been managing the shrimp enclosure for a long time on 100 bigha land in Harinkhola Bill. Out of this, since 2022, Kartik Mandal has been in dispute with Swapan Mandal, the claimant of the land, instead of giving the loss money of four bighas of government Khas land to Kartik Mandal of Harinkhola village. Apart from this, there was a dispute with their cousin Shiv Shekhar over five centuries of land. The arbitration meeting has also been held several times. A case was filed in this regard earlier. 

As a result of this, around 12:30 pm, their workers, Vishwanath Mandal and Shripad Munda, were called by 7/8 masked armed terrorists from the house compound and brought to their house after beating them and torturing them. Then on Monday morning, he and his brother Jagadish were woke up and tried to shoot them in the chest with shot guns, but they grabbed the shotguns. 

At one stage both of them got injured by guns. Locals admitted the two brothers and two ward workers to Satkhira Sadar Hospital at around 3:30 pm.

Satkhira Sadar Hospital Emergency Department doctor Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hafizullah said that the bullets hit both brothers  of Alang Mandal and Jagdish Mandal .

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Patkelghata police station Biplab Kumar Nath said that the attack happened due to a dispute with their neighbors due to a dispute over the land of the fish enclosure. However, he claimed that the incident of shooting was not true, he added, further legal action will be taken on the case if written complaint is received.