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Two Dolphins found dead in Turag

Published : 04 Jan 2022 12:08 AM | Updated : 04 Jan 2022 03:10 PM

Two 'Ganges Dolphins', has been found dead in Turag river at Ashulia in Savar recently in just two days.

Locals said the first one was found on Sunday evening from Ashulia bazar area and another was found on Monday morning from Ashulia Fela Ghat area. 

The weight of the first one was around 3 mounds and it was 5 feet long and the second one’s weight was around 5 mounds and 5 feet long, they added.

Abdus Sattar, resident of the area, said, “Local fishermen found dead the dolphins floating in the river. Later they rescued those and informed local authorities concerned. However, an unknown person claiming himself as journalist took one of those away around midnight before the government officials arrived at the spot. 

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The second dead dolphin was recovered by Savar fisheries officials on Monday morning.”

“The dolphins might have been died as the water of the river is completely polluted by factory wastes and chemicals,” Sattar added.

Kamrul Hasan Sarker, Senior Fisheries Officer of Savar, said, “Such kind of Ganges Dolphin was not seen earlier in Turag except Buriganga river. We suspect that the dolphins might have entered into Turag river during monsoon. 

Later, those might got stuck here when the water got down in winter. Their deaths might be caused due to the polluted river water. The river environment is not suitable for their living.”

“However, we informed Jahangirnagar University Zoology department to examine the dolphins’bodies and find the exact reason behind their death. The reason could be known after getting the examination report,” he added.

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