Two Bangladeshis killed in separate incidents in South Africa

Two Bangladeshi businessmen have been killed in two separate incidents in South Africa. Among them, on Monday (September 21) was killed by the employee of his shop in the Radhanagar area of Feni’s Chagalnaiya upazila Md Ripon (38). On the other hand, Azad Mia of Narayanganj was shot dead by an Indian national on Tuesday (September 22).

Bangladeshi shop owner Md Ripon was killed by a Malawi employee in the Airmelo area of Pumalanga province in South Africa on Monday.

Local Bangladeshi traders said they suspected something was wrong when Ripon’s shop was closed on Monday and they did not receive any response. Later they went inside the shop and found his body covered in blood.

Their idea is that Ripon was stabbed to death by his Malawian employee with a sharp weapon while he was sleeping in the shop in the middle of the night and fled with the cash.

Earlier, another Malawian national, known to the Malawian employee at Ripon’s shop, came to visit. With the connivance of the two, they killed Ripon in his sleep and looted his money and fled.

Meanwhile, Bangladeshi businessman Azad Mia was shot dead by Indian nationals at Lodium in Pretoria. The incident took place in an Indian-populated area around 5 pm on September 22.

It is learned that at one stage of the argument over car parking, the Indian national fired four rounds at the Bangladeshi businessman. He was shot and seriously injured when locals rushed him to the hospital, where the on-duty doctor declared him dead.

Initial interrogation revealed that the Indian national had surrendered at the local police station and fired in self-defense.