Tutul’s 2nd marriage lasted only for ‘2 months’

Published : 31 Aug 2022 09:28 PM

Bangladeshi singer and musician A B M Shahidul Islam, known as S.I. Tutul who is the lead singer and lead guitarist of the Dhrubotara Band. For the second time got married on July 4 with Sharmin Siraj Sonia, a US expatriate, this was also Sonia’s second marriage.

However, that marriage lasted for only two months.  The couple started living separately. It is learnt that Tutul married Sharmin Siraj Sonia by calling a scholar (Huzur) at home without a marriage registry! Although they were together for some time after the marriage, the singer suddenly left New York and lives in Florida, leaving Sonia behind.

Not only this, but after marriage, Tutul repeatedly pressed his wife Sonia for money in the name of starting a business. However, Sonia refused to pay the money. Later, Tutul disappeared from home on August 1 without telling anyone. Now there is no communication between the two. 

Regarding the context Sonia said, “We did not get married by the registry. We got married by calling a scholar at home. 

Many rules and regulations have to follow in order to get married in America. Tutul had problems related to his divorce from Tania. Apart from this, Tutul did not register due to some other complications. Tutul and I are not living together. Tutul wants to do something. To earn money for the family, it seems that he is staying in Florida”. 

“Tutul wanted to take her to Bangladesh. He also asked her to stay in Florida. “But I am doing a good job in New York. My established career is built here. I have a son. I can’t go anywhere even if I want to. Tutul’s green card is not issued yet. He is also trying to bring his son here from Bangladesh,” Sharmin Siraj Sonia further added. However, no comment is known from Tutul on this matter yet.

To be noted SI Tutul and Tania Ahmed – are known as the “Happy Couple” in the showbiz world and have been married for more than two decades. However, last year, they split, ending the long journey of their happy married life.

SI Tutul got married again after 8 months of separation. Tutul and Tania tied the knot in 1999. Since then, they were living happily with two sons and a daughter. There was no end to Tania-Tutul’s happiness with three children.

After living together for a long time, they feel that the relationship is not the “same” as before. It was not even possible for two people to “pull it off”, they said, resulting in separation between the duo.