Turmeric farming shows ray of hope for farmers

Published : 06 Dec 2023 08:47 PM

The farmers in Jhenaidah are expecting better yield and production on turmeric in the current Kharip 1 season.

    They are going to harvest at least 6,500 tonnes of the spicy crop in the season which might change their socio-economic state. The farmers of six Jhenaidah upazilas had produced 1,464 tonnes of dried turmeric on their 6,273 hectares of land in the last season where they had produced 4.28 tonnes on each hectare on an average, said the farmers and the officials of the department of agricultural extension (DAE), Jhenaidah Khamarbari.

When contacted Nazim Uddin Nizam, 58, of Pobahati Balurchar area in Jhenaidah municipality at his turmeric plot said he has been cultivating the turmeric on his one bigha of land in the current Kharip-1 season. 

He is expecting at least 75 maunds of the crop in the season. The estimated price might be Tk 1.10 lakh. He started farming turmeric in March and is going to harvest the same by the second week of December. “I spent Tk 28 thousand including seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, irrigation and weeding in the last eight months and am going to procure Tk 80 thousand as net profit excluding all expenses”, Nazim Uddin Nizam said.

Sources related to the office of the deputy director of DAE Jhenaidah Khamarbari said they had taken target to produce 6,542 tonnes of the dried turmeric on 1,470 hectares of land in the current Kharip-1 season in Jhenaidah Sadar, Kaliganj, Kotchandpur, Moheshpur, Shailkupa and Harinakundu upazilas.

In the last season farmers in the district had produced a total of 6,273 tonnes of turmeric on 1,464 hectares of land that had ensured 4.28 tonnes on each hectare on an average, the DAE sources said.

When contacted Asgar Ali, DAE deputy director at Jhenaidah Khamarbari said the turmeric has a potential throughout the country and the farmers of the district are hopeful of their profit. The crop has been ensuring better yield and profit for the farmers and they have been showing more interest in farming it than rice, wheat, jute or such other crops. As the turmeric bringing benefit for the farmers, the farming area might be increased in the coming seasons, the deputy director expressed his opinion.