Tureen Afroz removed from ICT prosecution

The government has removed Tureen Afroz from the post of International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) prosecutor for breaching discipline and professional misconduct. Law and Justice Division of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs issued a notice in this regard on Monday (Nov 11).

Tureen Afroz, who was taken off from all cases since May 9, 2018, stands accused of holding a secret meeting with war crimes suspect Wahidul Haque. A retired National Security Intelligence (NSI) chief, Haque is now behind the bars after police arrested him on Apr 24, 2018, following a warrant issued by the tribunal.

Late 2017, Afroz allegedly met Haque, a former police official, to tip him off about the imminent arrest as well as demanded money from him. The notice also stated that the order will be effective from Monday (November 11). Tureen Afroz was appointed to the International Crimes Tribunal as a prosecutor in February 2013.