Tuition fees extra burden on guardians

Government should provide solution post haste

The plight of students and their parents is not showing any signs of reduction. As per a report published in this daily, the authorities of educational institutions are putting pressure on guardians to pay tuition fees amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

However, this pressure is adding on to various other disconcerting situations created because of the coronavirus. The overall job situation in the country and the financial crisis related to it has created adverse situations for many parents.

In these trying times most of the middle and lower middle-income families are struggling to survive. Many people lost their jobs while many are incurring losses in their businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The added pressure of Educational 

institutions asking for tuition fees

 is creating a lot of problems for parents

However the added pressure of Educational institutions asking for tuition fees is creating a lot of problems for parents.

Facing such adverse issues there should be a middle ground where both educational institutions and the parents of students can meet and come to a solution to the problem at hand. This has been prevalent since the outbreak of the sinister virus and should have been solved months ago. Despite the brilliant minds and resources in the country this problem has not been solved.

We hope that the government provides a way to solving the issues of the educational institutions and tuition fees very soon. This will alleviate much of the pressure from the parents and reduce their plight. We hope to see a solution to the crisis very soon.