TSC’ s Swapon Mama wants justice for his daughter who was raped, tortured

Published : 15 Jan 2020 09:33 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 06:18 PM

DUCSU leaders, Social and cultural organizations of Teachers-Students Centre (TSC) of Dhaka University on Wednesday in a press conference demand justice for Abdul Jalil alias who is publicly known as ‘Swapon mama’ as her mute daughter (20) reportedly raped, tortured.
The press conference took place at Dhaka University Journalists Association (DUJA) seeking justice for her physically challenged daughter who fallen a victim of rape on September 29, 2018 and demanded capital punishment for the rapist.
Swapon Mama’ family filed a case with BrahmanbariaSadar Police Station against alleged rapist Baccu Mia (50) along with his two siblings Bahar Mia (45) and Akkas Mia (40).
“While the victim’s family was supposed to get justice, a court bailed the alleged rapist. After getting out from jail, they are continuously threatening victims’ family to withdraw the case. Moreover, rapist Bacchu Mia filed two cases against Abdul Jalil (swapan mama) and his family members on charge of possessing abusive drugs and vandalized property. The victim’s family are now facing persecution to deal with those false cases,” said DUJA president Raihanul Haque Abir, while reading out a written statement.
“Swapon Mama is one of the TSC family, he is a tea-seller in the premises who use to sell tea from almost three decades in the campus, he is the part of our progressive family. but unfortunately, a heinous rapist rape his mentally challenged daughter. Seeking justice Swapon mama filled a case against rapist but unfortunately Court bailed the alleged rapist recently after arrest. We, along with all social and cultural organizations of TSC demand immediate trial of the rapist and justice for Swapon Mama and his family. We, the social and cultural organisations of TSC, will form a human chain around 1 pm on Thursday and then organize a cultural program and protest program around 3 pm, Abir also announced their schedule.
Abdul Jalil alias 'Swapan mama' urged to the prime minister Sheikh Hasina for ensuring justice in that matter. He also demanded to the PM to take effective steps to prevent the repentance of this heinous crime to any other girl. He burst into tears while saying this.
Swapan is a tea-seller in TSC premises who use to sell tea from almost three decades in the campus.
B M Jabal E Rahmat, general secretary of Dhaka University Film Society (DUFS) placed some prologues on behalf of TSC based social and cultural organizations to stop violence against women in DU premises as a preliminary step ahead to make a safe Bangladesh for women. Of the suggestions, to include mandatory sex education, counseling and gender sensitivity related course in the academic syllabus; establishment of a hotline system to avoid sexual harassment; to install enough CCTV camera in the campus premises are mention worthy.
Among others, Dhaka University Central Students' Union (DUCSU) assistant general secretary Saddam Hossain, DUCSU member Tanbir Hassan Shaikat, Rakibul Islam Rakib, Raisa Nasser and leaders and activists of several organizations of TSC were also present in the press conference.