Truck drivers in distress as traffic snarl at Daulatdia Ghat worsens

Published : 03 Sep 2020 08:58 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 02:13 PM

Traffic congestion has increased at Daulatdia-Paturia in Rajbari, the gateway to 21 districts of the country, due to strong current in the Padma and the extreme traffic congestion on the Shimulia-Kanthalbari ferry ghat.

At least 500 small and large vehicles, including buses, private cars and trucks, have been stranded in an area of less than three kilometers from Daulatdia Zero Point on the Dhaka-Khulna highway in the morning because of increased traffic. Every freight truck has to be stuck in the ghat area for at least two to three days.

Truck driver Rahim Mollah said, "I have been waiting on the shore for two days. The lives of many truck drivers like me are going through a lot of hardships." There is no food, no sleep; moreover, there is no toilet anywhere.

As attempt was taken to keep the Daulatdia ferry terminal area free from traffic congestion, a 6-kilometer long car-queue from the Goalanda junction to Rajbari was formed.   Despite that traffic jams can be seen in some places. There are also allegations that the trucks stuck on the highway leaving the Daulatdia truck terminal empty. 

Mahabubur Rahman, assistant manager of BIDB-UTC Daulatdia ferry wharf, said ferry services on the Daulatdia-Paturia route are still being disrupted due to heavy rains in the Padma. 

It takes twice as long time as usual to cross the ferries. In addition, long queues are being made for trucks in the ghat area due to the increased traffic pressure on the Shimulia-Kanthalbari route. However, passenger buses and private buses are being given priority. Passengers and vehicles are crossing the Daulatdia-Paturia route with 16 ferries.