Treatment for hypoalbuminemia (part 3)

Published : 07 Dec 2021 07:26 PM | Updated : 08 Dec 2021 12:36 PM

While a doctor tries to find out the reason for hypoalbuminemia and start treatment, some strategies can reduce the risk of serious complications.

Some people may need medications to raise their albumin levels. This can include albumin administered via an intravenous needle.

The best option for treating hypoalbuminemia is to address the underlying cause. So people may need to have a variety of tests to determine why there is not enough albumin in their blood.

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Treatment may include:

•    blood pressure medication for people with kidney disease or heart failure

•    lifestyle changes, particularly avoiding alcohol in people with liver disease

•    medications to manage chronic gastrointestinal disease or reduce inflammation in the body

•    medications, such as antibiotics, if a person has hypoalbuminemia after a severe burn

•    dietary changes to reduce the severity of heart or kidney disease

People experiencing hypoalbuminemia due to organ failure may need an organ transplant. People with kidney disease may need dialysis as they await a kidney transplant.

People with hypoalbuminemia may need to be hospitalized and monitored until the condition is corrected.

Courtesy: Medical News Today

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