Trawler sinks in Hatia, 3 rescued, 8 missing

Published : 11 Aug 2022 08:22 PM

Three of the 11 fishermen who went missing in the sinking of the fishing trawler FB Nishan in the South Bay of Bengal in the island upazila Hatiya of Noakhali have been rescued alive from the Sundarbans area of Khulna. 8 more people are still missing in this incident. 

On the other hand, their families are in mourning as the most powerful person of the family is missing. The family members of the missing are waiting for the return of the son, husband and father.

Lutfullahil Mojib Nishan, the owner of the trawler that sank around 11:30 pm on Wednesday, confirmed the rescue of fishermen Sohail, Afsar and Zafar alive from the Sundarbans area. 

He said that on Wednesday evening, the fishermen who were rescued alive, Zafar and Afsar, were spoken to on mobile.

He also said that when the trawler sank under the influence of the storm, like the 4 fishermen who were first rescued alive, Sohail, Afsar and Zafar also climbed into the two fishing trawlers. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Mamun reached the ghat with 1 person in the trawler of Mamun Majhi and 2 people in the trawler of Kalam Majhi. 

They are currently in the custody of the owner of the trawler. He also said that they will reach Hatia next Friday. 

But still no trace of Sharif, Sharif, Sohail, Altaf, Liton, Khair, Helal and Farhad in the trawler.

Incidentally, the trawler named 'FB Nishan' sank due to a storm in the estuary of the Mydubi area of the Bay of Bengal on Tuesday morning. 4 fishermen returned to the wharf that afternoon with the help of a trawler passing by.