Trawler retrieved 3 days after it sank in Hatia

Published : 28 Jul 2022 07:57 PM

Fishing trawler named MV Ayesha, which sank in the Bay of Bengal in Dwip Upazila of Noakhali, was recovered by fishermen after three days.

Fishermen brought the trawler to Jahazmara Mohammad Ali Suez Ghat after it was rescued from the Bay of Bengal area on Thursday morning.

It is reported that a part of the trawler has broken. The fish in the trawler's cold store is rotting and smelling. The sailors are throwing the fish in the river.

The owner of the trawler, Md Khokon, said that another trawler hit his trawler in the Bay of Bengal last Tuesday night. A part of the side of the trawler broke off and sank under the influence of the tide. The 18 sailors and fishermen in that trawler were rescued by one of the Jungliar ghats. Due to the darkness of the night, the sailors could not identify the stricken trawler.

He also said that the trawler had nets and other goods worth about 10 lakh rupees, which were washed away in the sea. Hilsa fish worth about 8 lakh taka has rotted. In this regard, he made a general diary in Hatia police station.

Hatia Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Amir Hossain said, we are investigating the matter. Necessary measures will be taken later.