Trawler carrying Rohingya to Malaysia sinks, BCG rescues 30

Published : 04 Oct 2022 09:08 PM

In Teknaf, a upazila of Cox's Bazar, a trawler carrying several Rohingyas to Malaysia sank while being smuggled by sea. The Coast Guard rescued 30 Rohingyas who swam to the shore.

Contingent Commander of Teknaf Baharchhara Outpost Station of Bangladesh Coast Guard Delwar Hossain said that the trawler sank in the deep sea off the coast of Harmunia Para area of Teknaf Upazila's Baharchhara Union on Tuesday morning.

Among those rescued are 2 women and 28 men.

The Coast Guard official said that the number of Rohingyas in the trawler has not yet been confirmed. Many others are said to be floating in the sea and have not been rescued. There is fear of loss of life.

Contingent Commander Delwar said that on Tuesday morning, some Rohingyas swimming from the sea in Harmunia neighborhood of Baharchhara Union of Teknaf informed the local coast guard authorities. Later, Coast Guard members reached the spot and rescued these Rohingyas.

"Among those rescued are 2 women and 28 men."

The Coast Guard official said, "The rescue informed that the trawler carrying the Rohingyas sank in the deep sea on the way to Malaysia. The Rohingyas kept floating in the sea. At that time, they did not get help from the fishermen of the fishing trawler and boat. Later, they swam with the help of buoys and water jars thrown by the fishermen. Rohingyas come up in the lake. Many are still floating in the sea."

Delwar said that it was not confirmed how many Rohingyas were in the trawler. Rescue operations are continuing. Loss of life is feared as more Rohingya continue to float.