Transport strike halts tourism in Kuakata

Published : 05 Nov 2021 09:11 PM

Transport strikes have been going on in Kuakata since Friday morning in protest of rising fuel prices. As a result, thousands of tourists who came to Kuakata are in distress. 

Incoming tourists have lost their way in search of transportation. Meanwhile, tourism-dependent businessmen, including motels, are facing financial losses.

Thoseintent to leave Kuakata are suffering the most as they have to leave the hotel at 12 o'clock on Friday morning. Many people are not able to stay in the hotel for extra days as they do not have money in their pockets. 

As a result, many of them are leaving Kuakata by auto-rickshaw, motorcycles and other small vehicles. These diesel-powered light vehicles are also charging extra under the pretext of increasing fuel prices.

After 12 noon on Friday, many tourists were seen standing at the Kuakata bus station with luggage in their hands.

Shakil, 35, who came from Barisal to visit his family, said, "I came to Kuakata on Thursday and on Friday I have to leave Kuakata. But without the bus, I got into trouble with my family.”

 Another tourist from Khulna said, ‘I was confused all night about whether the bus would run or not. Someone said, the buses will operate, someone said it will not operate. After leaving the hotel, I saw that there was no vehicle. If I left in the evening, I would either go or stay for one more day.

KM Zaheer Khan, owner of the Golden Inn, a residential hotel in Kuakata, said, "I had an advance 3-room booking which was canceled by phone at night due to the transport strike. We suffered financial losses.”

Shakil, a supervisor at Banani Paribahan, said the owner ordered them not to drive because of rising oil prices.

Manik, a helper of Allah Varsa transportation, who was standing next to him, said, 'How will we drive if the owners told us not to drive?

The owner of the dolphin transport Panna said, "We can't affordthe increase of oil price by Tk 15 in one go.Staff salaries, expenses, oil, tolls cost a lot. So we are protesting so that the price of oil goes down.”