Transformation of Rajshahi under AHM Khairuzzaman

Published : 14 Jun 2023 09:51 PM | Updated : 15 Jun 2023 08:51 PM

Former Mayor AHM Khairuzzaman, also known as Liton, spearheaded unprecedented growth and change for the Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC). Liton has been the mayor of Rajshahi for two periods, from 2008 to 2013 and again from 2018 to 2023, and during both of those times, he has led projects that have made the city more environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The city's infrastructure, aesthetics, and sustainability have greatly improved because of his foresight and dedication. With the next RCC election quickly approaching, it is crucial to assess Liton's outstanding efforts and emphasise why he should be reelected.

Improving the roads in Rajshahi is one of Liton's most notable works. Liton recognised the importance of a city's road network to the city's growth and embarked on an ambitious plan to improve road conditions and accessibility. Liton handled the strategic design and efficient implementation of an expansion and improvement of Rajshahi's road network. His leadership enlarged roads, new roads were built, and older roads were upgraded. Not only has this helped with traffic, but it has also made it much easier to go around the city.

Liton's dedication to making the city more visually appealing is shown in the bright lights and flowers installed within traffic dividers. The streets seem better, and people feel better, thanks to the colourful lights and flowering flowers. Residents of Rajshahi now have a revitalised feeling of belonging and ownership because of the city's well-planned and -executed beautification programmes.

The significance of these improvements to the transportation network is enormous. It is safe to say that the decreased congestion and enhanced connectedness have enhanced the residents' quality of life. The streamlined flow of goods and services has led to increased prosperity for businesses, while individuals have benefited from shorter commutes and lessened stress caused by gridlock.

The addition of colourful lights and flowers to road dividers has had a significant psychological influence on the people of Rajshahi and altered the city's physical appearance. Those who live there will feel more connected to their community because of the additions made. It creates a feeling of community and elevates Rajshahi to a beloved and celebrated city.

Liton's strategic planning, efficient execution, and thoughtful consideration of design details for Rajshahi's roads have improved the city's standing and quality of life. His commitment to Rajshahi's growth and prosperity is fully displayed in the city's newly constructed, aesthetically pleasing, and functional road network.

Liton has been an outspoken supporter of eco-friendly policies and long-term sustainability in Rajshahi. Many initiatives to protect the city's natural attractions and address environmental issues were among his first acts in office. Parks and public gardens proliferated under his administration in Rajshahi. The city of Liton is now adorned with lush greenery as a result of Liton's emphasis on tree plantation drives. The citizens' quality of life has improved, and air pollution and climate change have been lessened due to these efforts.

In Rajshahi, Liton has been at the forefront of digitalisation and e-governance efforts. While in office, he oversaw the launch of several online programmes designed to improve citizens' access to government resources. This change has not only increased productivity, but it has also increased openness and responsibility within the executive branch.

As the Rajshahi City Corporation prepares for its upcoming election on the 21st of June, 2023, citizens must carefully consider their choices for the mayoral position. Among the candidates, Mayor AHM Khairuzzaman (Liton) from the Bangladesh Awami League stands out as the most deserving candidate for reelection. With a proven track record, visionary leadership, and unwavering commitment to the city's development, Liton has demonstrated his dedication to the welfare of Rajshahi and its citizens. Voting for Liton in the next election will ensure the city's continuity of progress, sustainability, and inclusive growth. Now one may wonder why the citizens should keep their trust in him.

Liton brings a wealth of experience from his previous terms in office. He has successfully led Rajshahi City Corporation, implementing transformative initiatives that have significantly improved the city's infrastructure, aesthetics, and quality of life. Reelecting Liton means entrusting the city's future to a leader with a proven track record of delivering results and bringing positive change to Rajshahi.

Liton's visionary leadership is evident in his ability to anticipate the city's future needs and plan accordingly. His comprehensive vision for Rajshahi encompasses sustainable development, social welfare, economic growth, and environmental preservation. Under his guidance, the city has seen remarkable advancements in various sectors. By reelecting Liton, citizens can ensure that this forward-thinking leadership continues, guaranteeing a prosperous and inclusive future for Rajshahi.

Liton's commitment to sustainable development is a crucial reason to vote for him in the upcoming election. His focus on green initiatives, tree plantation drives, and environmental conservation has helped preserve Rajshahi's natural beauty while mitigating the effects of climate change. By reelecting Liton, citizens can support his continued efforts to create an eco-friendly city that prioritises sustainable practices, ensuring a healthier and greener environment for future generations.

Throughout his terms as Mayor, Liton has emphasised effective governance and transparency. He has introduced digitalisation and e-governance initiatives that have streamlined processes, improved service delivery, and fostered greater transparency and accountability. By voting for Liton, citizens can contribute to the continuity of these efforts, ensuring a responsive and citizen-centric administration that prioritises the needs and concerns of the people.

Liton has included in his electoral commitment the remarkable infrastructure development he has spearheaded over the past five years. Now, he aims to introduce a policy that will generate at least fifty thousand job opportunities in Rajshahi. He pledges to take all necessary initiatives to achieve this goal, which would attract increased investment and establish new industries in the city. Consequently, if he fails to secure reelection, the citizens of Rajshahi will miss out on these promising opportunities. Furthermore, sustaining the momentum of development necessitates the continuation of his leadership.

In conclusion, during his tenure, Mayor AHM Khairuzzaman (Liton) left an indelible mark on Rajshahi City Corporation. His transformative vision, commitment to sustainability, focus on social welfare, and dedication to inclusive development have significantly improved the lives of the residents. The wide roads, beautiful green spaces, improved educational and healthcare infrastructure, digitalisation, and economic growth are a testament to his achievements. As the RCC election approaches, it is evident that Liton's remarkable contributions make him the ideal candidate for reelection. Rajshahi City Corporation can continue to thrive under his experienced and visionary leadership, ensuring its residents' brighter and prosperous future.


Pranab Kumar Panday is a Professor in the Department of Public Administration at the University of Rajshahi