Trains start running at half capacity

Published : 15 Jul 2021 09:27 PM

Long distance train service has started from Chittagong.  A total of 12 trains will operate in the route.Of which 8 intercity and 4 mail trains will provide service.

The trains started running from 7 am on Thursday following the health rules.

The Subarna Express, Vijay, Paharika, Sagarika and Karnafhuli Express have left for their destinations with half the number of seats.  A crowd of homebound people has been observed at the Chittagong railway station ahead of Eid-ul-Azha. According to railway sources, the Subarna Express has started its journey with half the number of passengers as per the prescribed rules.  The allotted number of seats was 809.

That train went to its destination with 450 passengers.  Besides, the number of seats in Vijay Express train is 660.  330 tickets have been sold.  The number of seats in the hill train is 626.  327 tickets have been sold.  The number of seats in the Mohanagar Godhuli is 709.  284 tickets have been sold for this train.

Chittagong Railway Station Master Zafar Alam said the train has started running since morning.  A total of 12 trains will run from Chittagong. Every seat has been sold leaving the side seats vacant in compliance with the hygiene rules.