Training aircraft crashes in Rajshahi

Published : 16 Mar 2021 10:09 PM

A Cessna-152 training aircraft of Bangladesh Flying Club crash-landed on a potato field in a place between Lalpur and Aradighi villages under Tanore upazila of Rajshahi around 2:00pm on Tuesday. However, no one is injured in the incident.

The training aircraft was carrying a pilot and a trainee. Both of them are safe. 

It was learnt that the training aircraft flew from Rajshahi Airport on Tuesday noon. After a few minutes, the plane crash-landed on the potato field of Tanore. However, the plane was not damaged badly. 

Trainer of Bangladesh Flying Club, Rajshahi, Mahfuzur Rahman and Cadet Nahid Ershad were on the plane. Captain Mahfuzur Rahman informed, they were well and would talk later how the plane crash landed.

According to sources, earlier on January 9, another training aircraft of Bangladesh Flying Club was damaged during landing on the runway of Rajshahi Airport. The front wheel of the plane was broken. No one was injured in the accident. In 2015 one more plane of BFC crash-landed on the runway of Rajshahi Airport killing a female trainee.