Train robbery in Tongi

Stern action must be taken against the robbers

Published : 11 Aug 2023 09:05 PM

We express grave concern over the daring train robbery committed in a Dhaka-bound passenger train at Tongi Railway Junction in Gazipur. The train journey passes through 65 spots of 20 districts under the both west and east zones of country has become a nightmare for many passengers who earlier fell victims to either armed terrorists or stone pelting at running trains.

Armed goon looted cash money, cell phone sets and other valuables and injured seven passengers in a daring hold-up on a Dhaka-bound Karnaphuli Commuter train on Thursday night at Tongi Railway Junction. As the Dhaka-bound train from Chattogram halted at outer signal to give passage for another train, bandits boarded it and swooped on the passengers at about 10pm.

As soon as the train became visible, everyone of another gang was in their positions and then they became ready, set and went for throwing stones targeting the trains as a competitive game. 

At this time the passengers were beaten and forced off the train. The train was stuck at Tongi Junction for about one hour.


government should take severe 

action against those involved in

 committing such crimes like robbery,

 mugging and stone pelting

Last year in December, a gang of armed robbers had also attacked the Dhaka-bound Noakhali Express train at Tongi Junction early morning and looted the mobile phones and money of the passengers. Many passengers were also injured in terror attack. 

Besides, two youths were killed and many other sustained injuries after being attacked by a gang of robbers on a Jamalpur-bound train in September in 2021 Gafargaon train station in Mymensingh. Such incidents are causing widespread panic among passengers and travellers.

Generally, ahead of every general election, different hardened criminals and goons come out of their respective hideouts and involve in robbery, mugging, hijacking and toll collection across the country. 

Apart from mugging and robbery, several incidents of stone-throwing targeting the running training are also taking places across the country.

 Many passengers and railway employees were injured by stones thrown in different parts across the country last year. The ministry concerned and law enforcement agencies in association with the local public representatives and socio-cultural organisations will have to come forward to this end. 

Also, when the commuters will pass through the risky places, they must keep the windows shut to protect themselves from stones hurled at the trains. 

The government should take severe action against those involved in committing such crimes like robbery, mugging and stone pelting.