Traffic congestion eats up revenue in Narayanganj city

Published : 17 Dec 2019 08:55 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 05:14 PM

Pedestrians have been suffering a lot in Narayanganj city due to occupying footpath even some portion of road occupied by hundreds of hawker stalls, and also by parking of illegal transports.

Commuters mostly rickshaw passengers have to spend long time to cross a half kilometer path even relatives have to shed tears on for going to hospital with a patient.  

More than twelve unauthorized transport stands in the city, making huge traffic congestion and loss of revenue to the proper authorities.

Good amount of revenue has been lost to Narayanganj City Corporation due to established illegal transport stands in the city. The traffic congestion eats up crores of taka a year.

A strategy of transport stands to City Corporation Office sources say, only five transport stands were leased out by City Corporation and getting crore taka revenue in a year.

The   legal transport stands in different areas are Central Bus terminal, New Metro Cinema Hall Area, Meer Jumla Road, Jimkhana and Shaheed Minar Area at Chashara in the town.

Besides, two more stands of City Corporation were leased for collecting every day toll from transport as compensation for damaging roads.

However, the influential aided by cops set up at least twelve illegal stands and collecting toll daily basis from each transport resulted that the city corporation has been losing a large number of legal revenue every year.

Visiting the  spots of the town, it is  found that twelve illegal transport stands set up in the areas named Nitaiganj, Jimkhana, Khaja super market at Chashara, Sugandha beckery mor, Poura super market area, in front of rifle club, west side of rifle club,  in front of Mahila college, rail gate 2, Agrani Bank mor, Kalir Bazar, and Octo Office area at Isdair in the town.

The authorities concerned did not lease out of above mentioned twelve transport stands but the influential set up those collecting toll every day that to be over one crore taka every year.

District administration and City Corporation jointly and severally launched drives against illegal stands for the easement of people, and to avert the traffic congestion from the town. However, a powerful sector is against the drive of City Corporation and the drives go in vain.

Now-a-days the burning issues came to the city dwellers for traffic congestion and accidents due to illegal transport stands in the city.

Less than two-kilometer road from Nitaiganj to Naraynagnj court area, a man has to lose about one and half hour to reach his destination. Conscious city dwellers urged the authorities concerned to eliminate the all-illegal stands and hawkers stalls from the footpath in the town soon.