Traditional Kurikhai fair delights visitors

Published : 08 Feb 2022 09:00 PM

The traditional Kurikhai fair has begun at Katiadi in Kishoreganj. The atmosphere of festival is on in the area. The ceremony has been organised around the Shrine of Shah Shamsuddin Bukhari (RA). The fair is held for seven days. The traditional fair has been organized for last 400 years.

People from all walks of life join this festival with great enthusiasm. One of the attractions of the fair is the fish market. In addition to fish, various types of items, including wood furniture and other materials for home decoration are sold. 

However, the special attraction of the fair is the last two days' bridal fair. The women from those two areas visit the fair for shopping. Everything is run by women. Every house around the fair has started a Pittha (cake) festival. The invitation is being given to the relatives. Girls of the villages visit their ancestral houses with husband. From the first day of the seven-day fair, the joy of people has been expressed.

It is reported that people are coming to the fair from different areas of Kishoreganj district. Such fairs and festivals are not usually seen on the occasion of fairs and Urs. 

However, large fishes come from different areas of the country at the fair. Locals say that, if the Boal fish is bought from this fair the danger and disaster will be faded for this year. Therefore, the eyes of the common people are more towards Boal fish. 

However, all kinds of big fishes are available at the fair. Invited guess is the main buyer of these fish. They buy those fish to make the in laws happy. Various shops have been set up for the fair in Kurikhai village. 

Wood furniture, children's toys, goods for daily essentials, girls' jewelry, sweet and other items are sold here. Buyers buy all these bargaining. The fair has also arranged puppet show, circuses, motorcycle races and so on to entertain people. Seeing these, children as well as adults are thronging the fair. The fair runs from morning till late night. 

It is said that Shah Shamsuddin Bukhari (RA) started spreading Islam in Kurikhai area of Mumurdiya union under Katiadi upazila of Kishoreganj district with three companions. 

He is the first preacher of the religion of Islam in this region. After his death, the devotees started the Kurikhai fair around the Shrine. 

The Fair Committee Secretary Moinuzzaman Apu said that religious ceremonies were held on the Shrine's premises for ages. The earnings from the fair are used for the development of Shrines and local mosques.  We urge everyone to abide by the hygiene rules as the coronavirus situation is not normal yet.

Kurikhai Mela Committee President and Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Jotyshar Paul said the Kurikhai fair has been going on for about four hundred years. Over time, the fair has now become a huge festival and tradition.