Traders urge reopening of shops soon

Published : 15 Apr 2021 09:36 PM

Shop Owners leader of Rajshahi has pleaded to the government to reopen shops by following the necessary health rules. 

President of Rajshahi Shop Owners' Association Golam Sarwar Swapon in a statement said during the lock-down of last year all the traders in Rajshahi like those in the entire country, except the essential goods and drug traders, had turned paupers. This year before the holy Eid-ul-Fitre, the same situation is prevailing. 

The statement mentioned, aiming this Eid, all traders make a good business especially the cloth and ready-made garments traders make the business of the entire-year during this period. But, the lockdown of last year has broken the backbones of the traders and the present lockdown due to Corona-19 pandemic, just before another Eid-ul-fitre, is worrying the traders of Rajshahi very much.

Golam Sarwar Swapon further mentioned, during the lockdown of last year, the businessmen and traders have supported the government fully. They failed to conduct any business during the last two Eids. The businessmen and traders repeatedly sought incentives from the government but failed to get any. Now, by losing their capital, the businessmen and traders of Rajshahi have turned paupers. Under such a situation, while they are just trying to restart their business anew, a renewed 'hard lockdown' has made them extremely worried. 

He also mentioned, not only the owners of the business enterprises depend on the smooth operation of the business but also a large number of family members also depend on the business. Considering the economy of the country and the condition of the businessmen and traders, he fervently requested the government to reopen all business enterprises after the seven-day lockdown.  

He further said, during the last year's lockdown from April-5, all business establishments excepting the essential commodities and drug stores remained closed but on the face of movement of the traders, the government reopened those and the traders continued their business by following health rules till April-13. He demanded to save the businessmen and traders of Rajshahi by permitting them to reopen all business establishments by following health rules and thus to save the businessmen, traders, their employees and their family members as soon as possible.